7 Modern Wonders Of the World for Travellers 2020

Wonders Of the World
Wonders Of the World

The New 7 Wonders Of the World Foundation has published the list of modern wonders of the world in July 2007 including Macchu Picchu, Taj Mahal, the chichen itza, The great pyramid of Giza and also The great wall of China.

Wonders Of the World

Travelling across the sea and huge lands may be one of a dream in our lives. Isn’t it? So, will you be able to see the end of this dream ever? No! People are that much fond of visiting strange places and experience varying kinds of traditions along with natural wonders of the world. Hence, you may definitely aware of the most amazing places all around the universe. However, do you know the most recent list of modern Wonders Of the World? Yes! This list was created in July 2007 through the details collected by an online contest. Actually, one of the Swiss agents known as the new7Wonders foundation has started this massive contest.

Amazingly, more than a hundred million fans had given their support by placing a vote. Thus, as a result of this, they could be able to introduce these seven places to the world. Actually, all these have already categorised under the Unesco world heritage sites as well.

Let’s be ready and enjoy 7 modern wonders of the world !

Yes! It’s time to pack your baggage and getting ready with your family to see all these new7wonders of the world. Definitely, it will be a funny, adventure and unforgettable memory for you. At the same time, do not forget to take photographs, videography to amaze the people around you once coming back. However, it is better to check a bit in rules and regulations of world heritage sites before doing such activities. Otherwise, sometimes, you might have to face for offences due to policies. Well, here are the most amazing seven the best places to see around the world.

chichen itza wonders of the world

chichen itza

This is a historical place situated in Mexico. Actually, earlier this was a Maya city area. But later it developed as civilization region known as Maya-Toltec.  Gradually, it has become a politically important region. So, still, we can see the signs of the older kingdom. The ruins and all other older building in this area show the influence of scientific knowledge took through their experience over the years. Actually, almost all these religious and political places has the nature of astronomical innovation. Further, the Haab calendar which is showing the path of the sun along with the present time and the Kukulkan temple are also wonderful places to see in this area. So, do not ever miss to enjoy chichen itza in your lifetime.

The great wall of China

The great wall of China - Wonders Of the World
The great wall of China – Wonders Of the World

Even though earlier this was a protective barrier against foreign investors of China, nowadays, it is a popular tourist attraction. The history of this massive wall extends up to thousand and eight hundred years back. The New York Times has reported on and off regarding the place of this creation in relation to the top ten list of modern wonders. Sometimes it has recorded this as the tenth number, eighth number and seventh number likewise. However, actually, it has listed under the seven places introduced by the contest of bernard weber.

Actually, there is nothing to wonder about tourist attraction towards this layered protection which is running nearly up to twenty thousand kilometres. So, never be too late to enjoy and take a photograph at this place to share your experience with the world.

The Taj Mahal ( Taj Mahal)

The Taj Mahal - Wonders Of the World
The Taj Mahal – Wonders Of the World

This whitish colour really admirable architectural design is showing its excellency of ancient world technology. At the same time, this is a popular symbol of love all around the world. It says the love story in between the king Mughal and queen Mumtaz presented through effort taken by the empower Mughal. Actually, the most recent cause of the building was the death of this loving queen. As with the historical sayings, this great empower had used nearly twenty thousands of workers and around sixteen years to finish all the structural things including marble fades. This is man made wonders.

Christ the Redeemer statue

Christ the Redeemer statue
Christ the Redeemer statue

The statue of Jesus situated in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil is also listed under one of the seven new wonders. The credits of this remarkable structure were going to two talented sculptures from France and Rome. Mainly, the Romanian artist was a responsible person for fashioning features like the kindness and forgiveness of Jesus to the world. So, it really seems your God is alive in front of you. Hence, easily, you would be able to memorise whatever the advice is given by this great person to stay peaceful and happy.

However, this is a larger statue which is taller than ninth eight feet with twenty-six feet broader pedestal. So, it really feels your gods is exactly in front of your god at this place. This alive features of the statue have made it as one of seven new wonders of the world. The statue of Zeus in Olympia is also recorded as one of amazing modern creation.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu - Wonders Of the World
Machu Picchu

As similar to most of the wonders, this is also a human creation. Actually, this was one of the capital city of Incas during the mid-1400s. Even though the two granite perched into two separate peaks of Andean mountains looks unstable, it is so beautiful in nature. The Incas has built an important area in this city and it was called as Cusco. Actually, it had become the main area in which the Inca’s activity took place. However, later they have left the city and it has become a hidden secret to the world except villages until 1911. But, after discovering this place again in the early ’90s people started to visit there and to enjoy the historical importance.

The great pyramid of Giza

The great pyramid of Giza
The great pyramid of Giza

Yes! This was one of the ancient world wonders. Amazingly, it has selected as under the new7wonders of nature as well. The historical importance, unbelievable structure and long-lasting strength may be the reasons behind this much of reviews for this pyramid. The modern technical experts believe this might be a structure build over almost nearly twenty years. Well, it is worth to visit and see how amazing the place is. However, this is one of a place listed in accordance to offer honour to the ancient architecture.

hanging gardens of Babylon

Actually, this is one of the most beautiful creations among all the other seven wonders. It really represents modern technology in art deco and creativity.

Do you get amazed and curious to see and enjoy?

No doubt, the people who are reading about all these modern wonders of the world usually fell in love to visit these places. So, why not you? Plan your next journey and stay connected with us. We will eagerly post more and more details to encourage you and share the important facts for you!

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