Travel Hashtags

The competition among bloggers is increasing day by day. Since they all are talented in using the newest technologies to present the important facts for the community, every second a new thing will be collected to the digital world. The blogs related to travelling has become the most demanded reading platforms and searching tools in this era. Therefore, nowadays, they use travel hashtags to get the popularity for their posts in the social media markets such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. When they are using these hashtags, it will eventually start a new conversation in between their fans. Hence, there is a higher possibility to rank higher in the search results when increasing the engagement with the post. Let’s have a look at the most recent practices of this in the travelling sites.

Travel Hashtags
Travel Hashtags

The correct way to use travel hashtags

Even though we called it hashtags, do you know what it is? Yes! Most of the bloggers and WordPress users may have a proper understanding of it. But, still, there are individuals who need further clarifications. This is simply used of (#) hash mark in front of phrases or few meaningful words. Therefore, it will ultimately start a new page for discussions. However, if you use spaces in between those words, it will not identically be known as a hashtag. But, you can utilize the upper case or capitalizations appropriately to separate the words in your phrase. The below mentioning ones are the most popular tags in this modern era. Further, you may also suggest new tags and by that becoming an inventor for it.

5 most attractive travel hashtags for your next posts!

  • #travelbloggers #tblogging #travelblogging

These are the most frequently used ones in promoting blogs through the social media platforms mentioned in the above few lines.

  • #adventureseekers #goexplore #travelmore

When it comes to general information related to trip around the universe, you can use these tags to start a new conversation.

  • #locatiininfependent #workhardanywhere #lifestyledesign

The professional travelling sites will customize by using these as the hashtags. Therefore, it will add extra value by opening a new format for further discussions.

  • #roomwithaview #luxuryholoday #hotel design

When you seeking for the best places to spend your night at a favourite destination, the discussions started with the above mentioning tags will help you a lot.

  • #beachbum #seekmoments #viewfromabove

These will express the fun you getting with the engagement of your friends, family and business buddies with touring. Personal blogs and business promoting platforms will use those appropriately.

3 most misunderstanding facts on hashtags

  1. Using @ instead of #

The mark @ is not a hashtag. It is widely using in the direct addressing or mentioning of a person.

  • Using Spaces

As I told earlier, you have to complete the spaces in between words and within the # mark and the words.

  • Using more words than appropriate

Usually, this type of tag should not include more than three to five words. Five is also too much in here. Therefore, make sure to express your idea with the minimum word usage.


Starting a reading forum in relation to tripping around the universe will be a great experience if you use travel hashtags into it. Simply this is the use of # mark in front of the most attractive word collection or phrase. However, there are a few important things to remember here. I have clearly stated those in the above guideline. Let’s meet with another interesting guide on this in the near future.