In Sri Lanka, you can see many provinces where you can experience the beauty of the environment and the cold climate.
That is, in areas like Nuwara Eliya, Deniya, Badulla, Matale, Hatton, and Haputale, a tourist has the ability to experience the winter climate and the beauty of a beautiful environment covered with fog.
Among these areas, Riverston can be given a prime position.

Riverston – sri lanka

Riverston can be known as a must-visit place for foreign or domestic tourists traveling in Sri Lanka. Because, in Riverston, a tourist can freely experience the beauty of the environment and can get the inspiration of a cold climate.
Also, there are many places to visit in this Riverston area and a tourist can experience the beauty of the rural environment of Sri Lanka and taste a rural food.
Riverston is a very sensitive ecosystem and tourists can see many places full of natural beauty. Some of them are described below.

  1. Bambarakiri waterfall
  2. Riverston – windbreak – “riverston hulan kapolla”
  3. Pitawala pathana – mini worlds end
  4. Riverston to Hunnasgiriya nature trail
  5. camping in Atanwala village
  6. Sera Ella waterfall
  7. Manigala mountain range

BambarakiriElla Waterfall – Riverston

bambarakiri ella waterfall - riverston
bambarakiri ella waterfall

Bambarakiri Falls is the first stop on the way to Riverston. It is right next to the main road and the falls can be reached very easily.
Although not a big waterfall, there is no lack of beauty in this waterfall. A tourist arriving here can get the experience of crossing the waterfall by a rope bridge. You can also buy local food Kitul Hakuru and Kitul Honey from the shops on the way to the falls.

Riverston Windbreak

The next stop on the Riverston tour is the Riverston Tower or the “Riverston hulan kapolla”. You have to walk about 1.5km from the main road to reach this windbreak. Walking on this road will undoubtedly be a new experience for a tourist.

This road has a very beautiful environment and this road is completely covered with fog in the morning and evening and a very strong wind stream is also blowing.
After reaching about 800m on this road, you will find a place where you can see the whole surroundings at once and the wind blowing in that area is very strong. The wind is as strong as the wind blowing and it will surely be a new experience for a tourist.

riverston windbreak

Pitawalapathana – Mini worlds end in Riverston

Next we come across Pitawalapathana. Among the beautiful places in Riverston, this Pitawalapathana or “Pitawalapathana Punchi Lokanthaya” is one of the most popular place. After walking about 0.75km from the main road, you will find Mini Worlds End and the special thing here is that there is a slope of about 90 degrees all at once.
Also, the weather changes very quickly in this Pitawalapathana area and very strong winds also occur. Therefore, you should be very careful while taking pictures in this area and the chances of accidents are very high.
In this Pitawalapatana area, you can see the Riverston mountain range and the Manigala mountain range which can be seen very beautifully. And tourists can experience the natural beauty and freedom of this area.

Pitawalapathana - mini worlds end
Pitawalapathana – mini worlds end

Camping in Atanwala Village

In this Atanwala village, a tourist can experience the beauty and freedom of a traditional village environment in Sri Lanka.
You have the possibility to spend the night camping here and prepare your camping tent in the middle of a beautiful paddy field. and freely get out of the concrete forest and bathe in cold natural water, enjoy a village meal, light a bonfire, sing a song with the group and have fun camping in the village of Atenwala.

Camping in Atanwala Village
Camping in Atanwala Village

There is absolutely no need to carry tents and other camping equipment and several families living in this village will provide you with the equipment and help you spend your camping night successfully.
And they are very friendly and humble people and you can get these services from them for a very low cost.

Package Prices

  • 3000 LKR per Adult
  • 1500 LKR per Children (under 12 years old)

Package Includes

  • Two meals in village style (Dinner and breakfast)
  • Camping tents and camping mattress
  • Bed sheets
  • Pillows
  • Washroom facilities with comads
  • Parking facilities
  • 24h service
  • BBQ machines
  • Bonfire night

At this camping event, you will have the opportunity to taste the most delicious country food and have the opportunity to camp in the middle of a paddy field. From that place, you can see the beautiful Manigala mountain range in the front and the Riverston mountain range in the back. And at night you will have the ability to spend time singing a song with a bonfire.

Around 5.30 am, the sun starts to rise in this area and you can see the sunrise over Manigala hill very beautifully. Here you can clearly see how the sun emerges from the clouds. You can get a lot of beautiful pictures in this Camping tent, in the middle of the paddy field.

If you want to camp in this Atanwala village, you can call this phone number and contact the people who provide this service living in that village. Or you can contact this FB page and make a reservation for the day you want.

If you are thinking of climbing the Manigala hill, you can get the necessary guidance and help from this group.

Manigala Mountain Range in Riverston

Manigala mountain range in Riverston
Manigala mountain range in Riverston

This Manigala mountain is another extremely beautiful mountain in the Knuckles mountain Range.
Manigala mountain range is located in Pitawala village.

You can hear from the people living in this village that the ancient villagers have used the way the shadow falls on this mountain to measure time and for that reason, this mountain has been named Manigala.
You can see that legend is true. That is, the villagers can explain to you how time is measured by the way the shadow falls on this mountain.

It usually takes about 04-05 hours to climb this Manigala mountain range. This mountain is not a mountain that many people climb, so you may have to climb this mountain alone.
Therefore, for your safety and guidance, you should climb this mountain with someone from the village. There is a small footpath up to the top of the mountain and in some places, the path turns in different directions. So the best thing to do is to climb this ridge with the help of a villager.

In this journey, you will come across 3 main places. And when you go up the hill a little bit you will come across a place like a little end of the world. There you can have a good view of the surroundings.
A little further up the hill, you will see another area with a similar ecosystem to Horton Plains. Finally, you can reach the top of the hill where you can witness a breathtaking view of the Knuckles mountain range.

Things you should remember while climbing this Manigala mountain range in Riverston.

There are many things that you should remember while climbing this Manigala mountain range. This ecosystem is a very beautiful ecosystem with very sensitive rare plants and animals, so you should make sure that you do not dispose of any kind of non-perishable materials in this land. And care should be taken not to harm this ecosystem in any way.

As it takes 04-05 hours to climb this ridge, you should remember to carry food and water bottles that you will need in Atanwala village and do not carry heavy things as it is difficult to climb the mountain.

Riverston to Hunnasgiriya nature trail

Riverston to Hunnasgiriya Nature Trail
Riverston to Hunnasgiriya Nature Trail

If you have come to enjoy the natural beauty of Riverston, you should not travel the same way you came again, and to experience the beauty of the natural environment in Riverston, you should definitely walk on the nature trail from Riverston to Hunnasgiriya.
On this route, you can see the beauty of the most beautiful winter environment.

If you are traveling on this Riverston to Hunnasgiriya route, after climbing the Manigala mountain range, you have to reach Atanwala village again and you have to spend that night in Atanwala village. That’s because it can be dangerous for you to be on the road after around 05 pm. That is because elephants roam the road from Riverston to Hunnasgiriya in the evening.

Riverston to Hunnasgiriya Nature Trail
Riverston to Hunnasgiriya Nature Trail

If you camp again that night in the village of Atanwala, if you leave early the next morning and walk through this nature trail, you will be able to see the beauty of that ecosystem.
After traveling about 11 km on this beautiful trail, you will come across Sera Ella waterfall.

Sera Ella Waterfall

The specialty of this Sera Ella waterfall is that you can easily walk behind the waterfall through a small cave. Walking inside this cave, the view you can see from the falling water of Sera Falls is very beautiful. You can get many attractive pictures here.
You can reach the falls very easily as there is a staircase from the road to the falls. Here you can relax and take a bath.

The main thing is that there are several places where you can bathe in this Sera Falls and those places are marked with name boards, and there are also deep places where you should not bathe.
Therefore, you should take care to go into the water only in places that are suitable for bathing in a very safe way.

Sera Ella Waterfall
Sera Ella Waterfall

You can see all these places within 03 days and experience the beauty of that environment.

Finally, we remind you that you should never harm this sensitive ecosystem and never dispose of non-biodegradable materials in this ecosystem.
We will work to preserve this beautiful ecosystem for the future.

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