Maldives, Maldives Vacation


The general purpose of having a vacation is spending the time for the purpose of releasing stress and having fun after a long term busy working schedule at the workplace. Therefore, you have lots of factors to consider before arranging a destination to spend the next vacation. Actually, it should be calm and quiet but full of adventures and fun when needed. The beauty of nature at the place which you selected is also an important factor for this. That is why I am going to recommend you to have a Maldives vacation. The tour packages and excellent  tourist attractions in this small island will give you all the fun you are expecting through the next journey. No matter whether you travel with friends, family or lover, the Maldivians and it’s beauty waiting to please you with unbelievable hospitality. Just start to find out the information on this through the details given below.

3 wonderful low budget Maldives vacation packages

  • Package to travel Hulhumale

This is one of attractive tourist destination in Male. Actually, the place is a man-made design by targeting the future commercial needs of this small island. However, the journey to this place will be full of adventure feelings. The suitable months to visit here is the first and last few months of the year. The total budget of the package will be around $1500 or more.

  • Ukulhas travel tour

If you really need to have a journey by enjoying the real natural beauty, this is the best packages in the Male. The total cost will not exceed more than three hundred dollars for a couple. You will be able to stay there for about two to three nights by spending this cost. The island is known as one of the wonderful environmentally friendly stay in this pretty location.

  • Dhaalu Atoll tour packages

The facilities in Dhaalu Atoll will cost about $1800 or more for a few days vacation. The beach and the beautiful sea waves of this region will offer you the best hours for the life.

Know these family hotels before planning your Maldives vacation!

Since Male is a tourist-friendly country, it offers a range of enough facilities for people who travel there to spend the vacation. The hotels, private islands and beaches are designed to offer the best short term rentals for families, friends and couples with affordable price ranges. Here are the best four hotels that suit to select for a family holiday. Find the best place by comparing the budget and facilities in it. Further, if you select these via the online platforms, you have chances to avail discounts and offers as well.

  • Paradise island resort and spa is available for about $500 or less
  • Bandows Maldives will offer best facilities at $300 or more
  • Sheraton Maldives Full Moon resort and spa is a little expensive but comfortable place for a family
  • Olhuveli Beach and Spa is another best destination to spend a night at the vacation

The last lines  

The beautiful sightseeing and the boat ridings at the Maldives vacation for about three to four days will take you to a different world by forgetting all the day to day stresses you had. However, you have to take adequate actions to select the best packages without an effect on your pocket as well. Let’s meet with another fantastic travel destination with the next posts. Keep reading us!