Venice Beach, Venice Beach Florida

Venice Beach Florida
Venice Beach Florida

Yes, today we will discuss Venice, but, it is not the Venice in Italy or the beach in California. It is Venice Beach Florida. This wonderful beach side is one of the most beautiful places in this eco planet called Earth. It is so amazing to see the blue waves of the sea on the beach side and the sightseeing of the sunrises and the beautiful evenings. Usually, the place will full of the tourists but it will still a calm and quiet place for the people who love to meditate in the evening beachside. Since it is an eco-friendly site, there are a number of prohibited and restricted activities to prevent harm to the natural beauty of the place. That is the real reason behind the pure blue waves in here than the other similar places. Do you imagine to travel there once in your lifetime? yes! Sometime, it may be your next vacation!

The Airports and Transportation around Venice Beach Florida

When you travelling to Florida in order to reach this awesome beachside, first, you have to plan the way you are going to reach it. There are around four different airports in Florida to travel from different areas of the world. The airport at Sarasota-Bradenton is one of the closest places for Florida with facilities to travel United state and Canada from it. The other airports situated in Florida with close proximity to beachside is having a number of destination from this region to several other local destinations and international airports.

Once you reach here, You can hire a taxi or any other transportation method available in the local areas such as shuttle services or the trains and buses to finish your journey at the beach.

3 things on what to avoid at Venice Beach Florida

There are an array of activities to do in this beachside to have fun with family members or friends which you are travelled with.  However, do not forget the following five facts to avoid there to stay away from unnecessary problems. Actually, followings are extremely prohibited in order to maintain the place as an eco-friendly natural resource in the world.

  • The activities with fire and night camping

You have to avoid the fires and camping at night in the areas which are not permitted by the general governance in here.

  • Do not use Alcohol and tobacco

There are no chances to do whatever you want after having a little shot. It is really prohibited in here unless inside the hotels and pubs which have special permissions to sell and utilise alcohol. But, not at all at the beach.

  • No polythene, plastics or any other harmful agents

Do not bring the usual water bottles or lunch packets to the area. You have some chance to bring glass made water containers. However, do not worry! There are enough facilities to have a glass of water when you thirst in the nearby areas.

The final thoughts

You have the responsibility to protect the amazing natural creatures while enjoying its as you want. Venice Beach Florida will be the best destination to spend your time with friends and family. However, do not forget the restrictions and prohibited things in there to ensure the maximum output of your journey to you as well as to nature. Let’s meet again to explore another wonderful location like this with the next posts!

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